The New Way to verify  validate certify certificates.

Background Check International is Nigeria's #1 background check company and we intend setting up a platform that will make it very easy to conduct Educational verifications, Professional Qualification verifications and NYSC certificate verifications in Nigera. This will be expanded to cover other African institutions later.

Who We Are

Globally, the verification of educational degrees by educational and professional institutions is taking a new paradigm. Institutions now take advantage of the internet and technology in enhancing their verification services delivery, which invariably reduces the turnaround time in getting verifications done with little or no manpower involvement.

EDUCHECK is an e-Commerce qualification verification and e-transcript  platform developed to ease and enhance verifications services and e-transcript processes of higher institutions, professional bodies, NYSC and the likes.

The EDUCHECK links those that need verification services with the institutions or bodies that have the data of the subjects to be verified.

EDUCHECK automates and digitalizes certificates and credentials verification processes, and it’s a 24/7 online verification and e-transcript platform developed to speed up higher institutions’ verification services.



The users of EDUCHECK include:

  • Employers
  • Higher institutions intending to verify Nigerians credentials for purposes of admission.
  • Recruitment agencies globally
  • Background check firms globally
  • Professional bodies
  • Governments’ agencies
  • Embassies/Consulates all over the world




  • User Friendly- very easy and convenient to operate
  • Timeless Value- it operates 24/7
  • Easily Accessible- can be accessed from any device from any part of the world
  • Secured platform and Payment
  • Eliminates cost and risk of travelling to institutions
  • Direct access to verifying institutions
  • Faster job opportunities for the graduates since verifications will be achieved speedily via EDUCHECK
  • Touts and charlatans that defraud verifiers are cut out of the process
  • Time Effective- Verifications has a time boundary of 5 days
  • Verifications can be done right from every users desktop or mobile devices instead of outsourcing it, since they are sure that they will receive responses from institutions.



  • Another source of income to Partner Institutions
  • Projecting institutions on global maps.
  • Provides organized and professional verification processes for institutions
  • Reducing risk of accidents associated with physical visits to institutions by verifiers.
  • Reduces bureaucratic bottle-necks that delays in institutions
  • Only dedicated staff of institutions are allowed to represent institutions, hence reducing the manpower that institutions hitherto put on manual verifications
  • EDUCHECK encourages paperless systems
  • Time effective verifications
  • Accountability and transparency enhanced
  • Fraud proof-Reduces possibilities of fraud amongst institutions officials
  • Safe, secured and convenient e-Verification
  • Enhances institutions’ electronic and digital  database storage
  • Reduces cost of verification
  • Enhancing the institution’s brand equity